Why digital diver?

Dear reader

This site is meant as a place for me to explore and understand human self-understanding in digital environments. The site is an extension to my thesis from the IT-university in Copenhagen, where I described a concept i called the rolling paradigm shift, the digitally decoupled self and a related model. The model enabled scholars to attack the problem area interdisciplinary. The concepts related to the fact that humans, increasingly see themselves as divided between a physical and a digital self-understanding. This transcendens to the digital realm creates a range of challenges in the way we interact and communicate with each other.

I regularly see articles that concludes that their research raises questions of epistemological and ontological character, and they call for interdisciplinary collaboration … I don not see that many attempts in actually trying to establish that collaboration. My work here is therefore: 1) to conceptualize and describe humans actual being in this field, 2) to investigate the perspectives this brings for our current and future self-understanding, including possible scenarios and 3) to develop a model that makes it easier to collaborate across uneven scientific disciplines.

The site will try to attack the problem both in a scientific way and in a practical oriented way. My goal is to gather enough empirical data and in the end, develop a complete theoretical foundation for the concepts and the related model.

If you have any questions, or would like to participate in the discussion, feel free to contact me or leave comments on the relevant pages.

Kind Regards
Karsten Vestergaard